Language(s): English & Spanish

Education: Medical Assistant at Estrella Mountain Community College.

Linda Barcenas MA

My name is Linda Barcenas, and I was born and raised here in Phoenix, Arizona, but I also consider Comonfort Guanajuato a second home. It's where my dad was born, I have a ton of family there, and it's a place I have constantly visited since birth.

I first went to school for Cosmetology straight out of high school in 2010 and did that for a while; I felt as though it wasn't enough. I wanted to help people differently, and I turned to the healthcare field. I graduated from the Medical Assisting course at Estrella Mountain Community College in 2014 and have been doing medical assisting and phlebotomy since. I also recently completed my certification for nursing assistant at Gateway Community College, and I'm on my way to becoming a registered nurse.

I enjoy going to concerts, watching Korean dramas or anime, and doing makeup outside of school and work.